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Noelle is a Duke-certified health and wellness coach, SCfyH-certified color consultant for residential interiors, and founder of Home For Now. She lives and works in a swoon-worthy one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Live how you want to live, now.

Is there untapped potential in your current living space? What if every time you walked through the front door, you felt relaxed, proud, and lucky to live where you do? When I painted my first studio in Brooklyn a deep rich teal, I thought, this is amazing, why did it take me so long to discover the power of paint?! The color I chose looked regal, made me feel powerful, and my outlook on everything got an instant boost. It was a turning point in my life. So I decided to learn everything I could at the intersection of environment, color, self-acceptance, and wellbeing and create a way for other people to experience the same appreciation for space and color I feel every day.



I help people choose paint colors and redecorate with minimal expense their not-quite-my-dream-home home and live how they want to live now. Because aren’t we all just passing through? And don’t we all deserve a a dream home not tomorrow, but now? Contact me today to learn more.